Artist-in-Residence Program AIR InSILo

pursuing their own goals and lacking time to rest or to establish accidental social connections not spudding the prior aims. In the end, artists often find themselves in conditions of isolation and deprivation. Closed off from exchange of ideas, creative random encounters, activities apart from professional ones, rest and creativity for the sake of creativity.
We believe in the importance of communal solidarity in general, and particularly in the field of art. We are concerned by the policy of isolationism and protectionism which came into effect before and was amplified by the pandemic lockdown. We are concerned by the exploitative tendencies in the art market, which allows a small minority of the artists to receive a decent wage for their labour. We want to oppose disintegration and support an international community of artists with our professional creativity.
Since the isolation of 2020 became a new reality, AIR InSILo seeks to provide another kind of space: isolated from metropolitan pollution, obligations, productivity, deadlines and generic motivations. Focused on the interests of the local community and the calm scrupulous research of hidden layers of the average and unremarkable countryside area instead.
By this AIR InSILo wants to facilitate a safe environment for recharge from burnouts, and provide black soil for new sprouts of creativity.
The Artist-in-Residence Programme AIR InSILo is an independent initiative, organised by artist and curator Ksenia Yurkova and artist and curator Martin Breindl. It is located in a quiet rural area 50 kilometres north of the city of Vienna, in the town of Hollabrunn (Lower Austria), within a five minutes' walk from the local train station. Commuting trains run every hour and reach Vienna city centre in 45 minutes.
Hollabrunn is a typical small town, with about 11,000 inhabitants, in the centre of Austria's largest wine-growing region ("Weinviertel"), 20 kilometres south of the border to Czechia. The residency offers the hosted artists workshops to work with wood, metal, any forms of sculpture, media projects, and/ or conceptual art practice and to have space for thinking and research. The residency encompasses an entire floor (70 m2) with a separate entrance in an alone standing house, and shared workshops (60 m2), a spacious courtyard (120 m2), and a garden (300 m2); it can host up to 2 artists with their partners or children (3+ y.o.) simultaneously. The contemporary art world puts artists in the position of private entrepreneurs, ultimate individualists,

an artist-run independent initiative, located near the city of Vienna in the town of Hollabrunn (Lower Austria). It offers the hosted artists independent separate rooms for stay and work with media projects or conceptual art projects; it is equipped with wood and metal workshops; inside and outside spaces for an undisturbed creative process.

* Separate floor with
- two bedrooms 12 m2 and 16 m2
- kitchen/ dining room 16 m2
- office room 14 m2
- bathroom 4,5 m2
* Basement with
- storage rooms
- workshops
* Barn 50 m2 with
- metal/wood workshops with tools
* Equipment to hire (list)
* Spacious courtyard 100 m2
* Garden 300 m2
* Free bicycles
5 min walk from the train station
and nearest shops
45 min travel to the centre of Vienna.
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