the Emergency program

of the AIR InSILo collaborates with the international program Artists at Risk, and is aiming to host artists in critical life situations, as well as independently invites and hosts artists, curators, and cultural workers who had lost their income or who suffer difficult life circumstances due to the crisis. The residency aims to focus its attention on female artists with children, and on artists from countries where governments didn't allocate sufficient support programs.

To run this program, we need to collect 1700 Euros monthly
*1100 Euros - fees, travel, transport;
*600 Euros - operation costs
That is why we invite everyone to become a supporter:
*one can buy artworks from the InSILo Gallery in physical form
*or NFT;
*to become a PATRON of the emergency program;
*to send via PayPal;
*or donate ETHER (0xC8F7594bF1654E23f06e1ED058844A7d82e8332d)!

December 2022: Collected 2860 Euros in total
Thank you: citizens of Hollabrunn, Elena, Alexandra, Cornelia, Dmitry (x2), Max, Gustavo, Georg, Astrid (3x), Roswitha, Elva, Maria, Rainer, Elisabetta, ÖH AkBild, Ale, Hermine, Olha, Solidarity Fee donators
AIR InSilo