Plane Catcher/ Flugzeug-fallen
by Martin Breindl
AIR InSILo’s artist and curator Martin Breindl will present his project Plane Catcher, an installation consisting of fifty-five assemblages of model aeroplanes and irons and a video projection (shot and edited by Ksenia Yurkova), created between 2018 and 2021. Plane Catcher is an impulsive alphabet, a system of signs washed up from childhood, against the background of a higher law that brings art theory and practice into harmony. The whole series will be displayed for the first time, in the barn of the very house in which Martin grew up – and which is now AIR InSilo – putting all the debris of the past into order like after a plane crash.

open studio days and Emergency
During the Open Studio Days on 16-17th of October 2021, one can become a supporter of the Emergency Program of AIR InSILo by
• buying artwork from the residents: from the affordable prints to the original artwork (see the catalogues). 70% of the price goes to the artist, 30% to the maintenance of the AIR InSILo and the Emergency Program
• buying organic goods from the garden of AIR InSilo
• becoming a Patron of the Emergency Program
• inviting your friends and spreading the word
All Nonsense Cancels Itself
In AIR InSILo, the invited artist and writer Bernhard Kathan will work on his sound piece All Nonsense Cancels Itself, which will be presented during the Open Studio Days on 16-17 October. The piece is dedicated to Daniel Paul Schreber (1842 - 1911) who is considered the most prominent case in the history of psychiatry thanks to his book Memoirs of My Nervous Illness. Among many others, Sigmund Freud, C.G. Jung, Elias Canetti, Jacques Lacan, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari occupied themselves with his bizarre imagery.
It is commonly thought that doctors are trying to understand the patients. Kathan reveals, that Schreber's story teaches us the opposite: in fact, the patients are required to understand the doctors who are treating them.
Kathan recontextualizes the Memoirs of My Nervous Illness, and by the means of sound and graphic art, reveals meaning in the chaotic. By refusing to see Schreber as a "case", just a madman, he points that the patient to facilitate his doctors was by purpose producing all the signs he was expected to.

Finally, the selection is done, and we are happy to announce the first residents of AIR InSILo! They are:
• Mary Maggic (Austria) for the short-term residence in October 2021
• Szymon Kula and Jennetta Petch (Poland/ UK) for the long-term residence in November – December 2021
• Hung-Fei Wu (Taiwan) for the long-term residence in January – February 2022
Due to the very high quality of the submissions, we made an exception and launched an additional slot for
• the TIST Collective /Yulia Tikhomirova and Michele Liparesi/ (Italy) for the short-term residence in March 2022
The shortlisted artists
• Marina Shamova (Russia)
• Damla Yalçin (Turkey)
• Jungeun Lee (South Korea)
• Oksana Rudko (Russia)
• Elena Redaelli (Italy)
• Laura Fernandez Antolin (Spain)
• Juan Gugger (France)
• eeefff (Belarus/ Russia)
will form the waiting list of AIR InSILo and will have preferences in the future open calls or/and will be invited directly for the future projects within the framework of AIR InSILo or its fellow institutions in Austria.
This year, we have received 22 applications for short-term residence and 114 applications for long-term residence from 47 countries.


Residents' Selection

How the
world works
How the World Works by Maria Safronova Wahlström and Johannes Wahlström intends to describe the rapidly changing world that we and our societies are surrounded by; and that became more visible in connection with the pandemic. How the World Works is based on the UN Sustainability Goals 2030 and interviews of the people active in the fields affected by the proposed changes. The answers will form the basis for a series of graphic works that playfully highlight the topics that we all too often resign ourselves to considering too complicated to understand. The project aims to connect the research on current political and economic issues with a simple and playful graphic form, which can be exhibited and distributed in art contexts as well as in schools.
open studio days
Open Studio Days in AIR InSILo
16-17th of October 2021, in Hollabrunn.

• the novel residency space in Hollabrunn
• an exhibition "Flugzeugfallen" by Martin Breindl in assistance by Ksenia Yurkova
• a sound-piece "Aller Unsinn hebt sich auf" by the resident of AIR InSILo, artist and philosopher, Bernhard Kathan
• artworks by the residence artists: from the affordable prints to the original artwork (download the full catalogue at
• organic goods from the garden of AIR InSilo
Opening hours: 16, 17 October 2021 - 14 to 18
The ground floor is accessible for the wheel-chair

Martin Breindl, Flugzeugfalle #19 Der rote Baron, 2019
Foto: Ksenia Yurkova
Long-term residency open-call
Short-term residency open-call
Understanding artistic creation as a basic need, we are inviting artists, curators, and researchers to contribute their thoughts and energy to conceptualise the takes on the sustainability of individuum’s lives and ethical challenges and boundaries of sustainability of artistic production; to think of artistic production as non-commodity; to imagine alternative economic systems to sustain artistic production; to define boundaries of living space and workspace, leisure time and work time; to meditate on open-source appropriate technologies and open-design; to find the ways of collaborations of disjoint decentralized communities.
The inauguration call of AIR InSilo is inspired by the ideas of Leopold Kohr (1909 – 1994), a prominent but underrated Austrian philosopher, whose concept ‘Small is Beautiful’ has saturated the thinking of subsequent researchers and influenced the notions of decentralization with inclinations to localism and post-development theory, degrowth theory, bioregionalism, and a principle of sustainability.
for the emergency Program
The Patreon page of AIR InSilo is dedicated to the emergency programme (in collaboration with the international programme Artists at Risk). Its goal is to host artists in critical life situations, as well as to invite and host artists who had lost their income or who suffer difficult life circumstances due to the crisis. The residency aims to focus its attention on female artists with children, on artists from countries where governments didn’t allocate sufficient support programs, and primarily on the ones who suffer persecution from the home country governments.
to the call
to the call
Cinema Week and AIR InSilo Pre-launch Party
visit of Question Me & Answer Collective
interview with the curator of AIR InSilo
-by Justina Špeirokaité
(Curator at Improper Walls)
My personal interest about the cultural scene in Russia and how it is influenced by politics, was growing for some time, especially after the last summer events in Belarus. And although Belarus and Russia are countries neighboring my home land Lithuania, I realise I know almost nothing of what art and culture breath there.
To find out more, I decided to talk to Ksenia Yurkova, a curator and artist, who recently moved to Austria, and can tell us more about it based on her own experiences.
QM&A wants to shorten the process of network-building and foster exchange between artists who have been based in Vienna for a long time and those who have newly arrived. Active network-building constitutes a vital aspect of this initiative, which is achieved by various programs and events.
An informal pre-opening for the friends and everyone interested.
Since we are still facing some Corona restrictions, we decided to prolong the pre-launch party for one week. And created time-slots to make it maximum comfortable and safe.