Biotope- Metamorphic Symbiosis
The first long-term resident of 2022 is Jungeun Lee, who is working on her Biotope- Metamorphic Symbiosis installation that visualizes and sonifies the relations between microorganisms and humans. In AIR InSILo, the artist plans to research various types of water sources such as lakes, rivers, swamps and build ecospheres, to convert the movement of microorganisms into sound and amplify them. The project takes a challenge to give a voice to many of those unheard and invisible.
As a result of creating numerous ecospheres and observing the lives of various creatures in them, Jungeun Lee discovered that nature eventually finds a way to survive and reproduce even within a limited environment and adapt. By confirming the existence of the same or different living things in the bottle, It was observed that we are not confined within limited borders or boundaries, but that all the worlds are organically connected and in a fluid state. Through Biotope - Metamorphic Symbiosis, Lee wants to explore the environment and life to which we belong, and transform the existence of living things around us to visual and audio information so that we can hear and see the invisible activities of nature. She believes this work will have significance as an art rather than a science and technology because it provides an artistic experience by nature, not just information about natural objects. The environment we live in is not separated from the ecosystem, the microbial world, and the ecosphere.
As an epidemic approaches, people around the world are isolated from the outside to protect themselves and become sensitive to signs. Feeling the enormity of nature, we felt the limits of human beings and started to think deeply about nature.

courtesy: Jungeun Lee

Artist hopes that this project will be an opportunity to look into our lives changed by the current era and to think about the relationship between humans and nature through the language of art:
"What can we experience through the voices of micro-organisms? Sound creates space. Sound can reach anywhere and can be extended to infinity. Resonance and wavelength are the only methods to reach farther beyond the physical space and limitations. The perfection of invisible small beings is expanded through resonance, and through the power of sound, they become larger than us. I heard our own voices in this small but great echo of living things.
Using 'sound' means exceeding the limits of space diffusion and boundaries. In addition, the sound is effective in revealing the identity that exists invisible and is suitable for conveying the sense of the present life and surrounding environment in which we live. Experiencing sound is an area of touch transmitted not only to the hearing but also to the skin, and it is connected to all senses, including sight, and is the entire synesthesia entanglement process".