David Sypniewski and Magda ‘Bronka‘ Braniewska

David Sypniewski and Magda ‘Bronka‘ Braniewska work in different fields but sometimes unite their effort to create multidisciplinary art pieces. Like the Anger Throwing app, which allowed to send group e-mails to people responsible for tightening the Polish abortion law with one click. Or the Power of Algorithm, an interactive installation designed as a social experiment.
August 2022
David Sypniewski is a designer specialising in interactivity, an anti-discrimination trainer, a culture animator (a Polish version of community artist), and an activist. Currently, he is a lecturer in the Design faculty at the School of Form, SWPS University (Warsaw). He was born in France to a family of political refugees from Poland. David graduated from Cultural Studies (masters), Intercultural Communication (postgraduate studies), Creative Coding (postgraduate studies) and Anti-discrimination Training Academy (one-year course). He co-founded the Culture Practitioners Association, where he worked with refugees, girls from a correctional facility, teachers and young people from border towns.
Furthermore, he was also active in the male group Voices Against Violence. Sypniewski is the author of the Anger Throwing app, allowing the expression of anger by sending group e-mails to people responsible for tightening the abortion law in Poland in October 2020. The application sent about a million messages.

Magda ‘Bronka‘ Braniewska is a scriptwriter with a diverse background in Hebrew and Judaism, Arabic and Muslim culture, Photography and Creative Coding. She used to work as Lara Croft in the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw, as a clerk in the Israeli Embassy, as a photo editor in one of the most prominent Polish newspapers, freelance photographer (with three exhibitions), and last but not least – as a copywriter. After having a child and eight years in the advertising business, she finally understood its dark side and left the business for good. Bronka joined Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, where along with her team, she was responsible for creating a new exhibition about The Future, where the idea of “degrowth” became very enchanting. Nowadays, she works on two series for HBO as a screenwriter.