Festina Lente
The rapid consumption annually causes a tremendous amount of textile waste. It is in charge of 10 % of CO2 emissions and water pollution, not to mention the problem of cheap labour exploited in factories. Olga suggests taking a closer look at the old clothes, at the beauty of every knot, fold, and loop.
A new emergency resident, Olga Pylnyk, will spend the upcoming three months working on her project "Festina Lente" – "Hurry slowly", as translated from Latin. The artist ponders around the fast pace of life and its contemporary consumer model. In particular, in the field of fashion, that pushes a consumer to buy many times more clothes than in the last century, and just to wear them a few times. Clothing acquires the status of "disposable". This model has a detrimental effect on the ecology of the planet.

In her works, Olga focuses on enlarged textile weaves to demonstrate the beauty of fabrics from the inside and suggests the viewer love their clothes, not the shopping process. The gesture of hyperbolizing aims to raise attention to the problem and to propose a solution in the upcycling process.