Implicit Basis

Implicit Basis, a project by Oleksandr Sirous, Danil Siabro and Dmytro Tentiuk (UKR) on the occasion of their residency at AIR InSILo .
"Our work is a metaphor for the search for all possible meanings through a chaotic system for each of us, which we assemble into a single meaning.

"We explore and interpret dynamic systems through media. We present our installation as an "altar", a symbol that all answers and meanings can be found in one place. We consider various chaotic systems and interpret them using the media available to us. We cannot fully understand the reasons for the processes and their meaning in different dynamic systems at any level. By comparing the systems we interpret, we consider the consistency of behaviour at the basic level, tracing the processes of attraction and change of "trajectory" by the attractor in different dynamic systems. We identify similarities in the interactions between different systems under the influence of different driving factors. The question of the reason for this similarity remains open in the usual paradigm of world perception.
An attractor is a stable point at which a dynamic system converges over time. Similarly, in interpretation, we look for an attractor of meaning that would explain what is happening in a text or event.

Paul Ricoeur's concept of the attractor states that we, i.e. humanity or human beings, can only approach the meaning of attractor but never reach it. He believed that interpretation can be understood or represented as a dynamic process that moves towards the attractor of meaning, while the attractor is not absolute but always remains something unattainable and finite. In this sense, Ricoeur's interpretation is linked to the idea of finitude and the limitations of our perception and understanding. We combine different points of view, each of us as participants in this project, or viewers, interpreting our views through chaotic systems that are combined in work into a single multi-attractor system. We create the attractor through interaction, where each of us is looking for all possible meanings. The endpoints are combined into a single system that fills the empty space."