Jovana Blagojević

February 2024
Jovana Blagojević was born in Smederevo, 1995. Grew up in Kovin and Vršac. Made in Hercegovina. Based in Belgrade. She graduated in graphic design at The Belgrade Polytechnics in 2017 and painting at The Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade 2022.
In 2022 she completed Puzzle#6, a year-long educational program for professional development in the field of contemporary performing arts, organized by “Station” – a service for contemporary dance, in Belgrade. She has been taking contemporary dance and improvisation classes since. Currently, she is researching values around work and leisure.
She works with a variety of media such as drawing and painting, graffiti, video, and video/live performances. Jovana gives group drawing and painting classes to kids and adults and occasionally she does mural projects. She is also active in environmental activistic projects, working with the team 1+1=3.
Foto: © Alexandar Jovanović