Jungeun Lee

Jungeun Lee works with a variety of media such as photography, video, performance, interactive art, and has continued to work in Germany and Korea.
January 2022
Since she moved to Germany in 2019 she has been working on putting values into the things that exist in society and its periphery concerning the variable and fluid social and cultural identity of the individual and gender.
Starting with the <Biotope> project, she became interested in reducing the cross-section of nature, especially microorganisms, into artistic creations. She is the author of the book - “Belonging Nowhere”, a photography and interview book published in April Snow in 2021.
Jungeun Lee participated in numerous exhibitions and screenings. Among them; 2021 <Belonging Nowhere>, SAPY, Seoul. 2021 <POSTSENSORIUM>, Ars Electronica festival, Riga-Boston-Karlsruhe. 2021 <Feminist Construction>, Atelier Automatique, Bochum. 2021 <Les Mains Gauches>, Marsille. 2021 <Lift-Off Global Network>. 2020 <PLA(N)TForm>, Ars Electronica, Karlsruhe/ Riga. 2019 <Walking Around the sun>, Hochschule f+r Gestaltung Karlsruhe. 2019 <Parasite>, GASK , Kutn Hora. 2016 <Ordinary violence>, Seongbuk Young Art Space, Seoul. 2016 <Brick Aquarium Pipe>, Haenghwatang, Seoul. 2017 <Mind Palace>, Dongsomun, Seoul.