Krzysztof Wronski

Krzysztof Wronski is a researcher, designer, and artist intervening in emergent and urgent spaces. I lead and support projects from strategy to execution across mediums, collaborating to uncover insights and cultivate change for responsible decision-making.
January 2023
Krzysztof Wronski pursues the creation of artistic projects that promote consciousness around collective challenges. Recently obtaining a Master's in Design for Emergent Futures, he is in the midst of a transition from a design career focused on commercial and humanist interests to a creative practice focused on promoting the agency of non-human life, planetary well-being, and work that addresses our broken relationships with Earth and each other.
Reflecting on his commercial career in systems and service design, Krzysztof’s projects react and critically respond to themes such as theatrical human-centeredness, infinite growth as success, short-term thinking, greenwashing, and extractive practices. His practice aims to start dialogues, unpack complex subject matter, and explore possible alternatives and futures that contribute momentum toward just social transitions.