Krzysztof Wronski

April 2024
Krzysztof Wronski is a researcher, designer, and artist intervening in emergent and urgent spaces. In his artistic practice, Krzysztof creates research-driven conceptual works about social and ecological challenges, commonly through public interventions.
His work does not intend to solve problems but to dance with and around them to promote dialogue, participation, and exploration around potential alternatives—A starting point leading to another starting point. Currently, Krzysztof is focusing on whether and how design and innovation processes could address the existential needs of trees and forests in collaboration with scientists.
Krzysztof was born in 1988 in Chicago, USA to Polish parents and is a Polish-American currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. After studying and working extensively as a graphic, industrial, and service designer over a 15 year period, Krzysztof relocated to Barcelona in 2020 to study Design for Emergent Futures. Since this experience, he has been developing a creative practice that challenges design and innovation processes intended only to produce economic growth and serve privileged humans.