Mary Maggic

Mary Maggic (b. 1991, Los Angeles) is a non-binary Chinese-American artist working within the fuzzy intersections of transfeminist hacking, body/gender politics, and eco-alienations. Their work spans amateur science, public workshopology, participatory performance, documentary, and speculative fiction.
October 2021
Since 2015, their research has centred on hormone biopolitics and environmental toxicity, and how the ethos and methodologies of biohacking can serve to demystify invisible lines of molecular (bio)power. In 2017, their project “Open Source Estrogen” was awarded Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica Hybrid Arts, and in 2019 they completed a 10-month Fulbright residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia investigating the role of Javanese mysticism in the plastic pollution crisis. Their work has been featured in Vice, Makery, Hyperallergic, ArtAsiaPacific, Clot Magazine, HoloMagazine and Dazed Digital. Maggic is a current member of the online network Hackteria: Open Source Biological Art and the laboratory theatre collective Aliens in Green, as well as a recent contributor to the radical syllabus project Pirate Care.
Selected exhibitions:
2021__From Creatures to Creators @ Kunsthaus Hamburg; Germany 2021__Science Friction @ Contemporary Cultural Center Barcelona, Spain 2021__Toxicity’s Reach @ Abandon Normal Devices Festival; UK 2021__Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology @ University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2021__Life on Planet Orsimanirana @ MKG Hamburg; Germany 2020__Potential Worlds: Eco-fictions @ Migros Museum; Zurich 2020__Designs for Different Futures @ Walker Art Center; Minneapolis

2020__The Camille Diaries: M/otherhood, Life, and Care @ Art Laboratory Berlin; Germany 2020__GENDERS: Shaping and Breaking the Binary @ Science Gallery London, UK 2019__GENITAL( * )PANIC @ Mz Baltazars Lab; Vienna, Austria 2019__Designs for Different Futures @ Philadelphia Museum of Art; PA 2019__Xenobodies in Mutation @ Tetem; Enschede, Netherlands 2019__ARTJOG: Arts in Common @ Jogja National Museum; Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2019__Computer Grrrls @ La Gaîté Lyrique; Paris, France 2019__Staring at the Sun (Ecofutures Festival) @ Art Pavilion London; UK 2019__Refiguring the Future @ Hunter College Art Galleries; New York City 2019__Producing Futures - an exhibition on Post-Cyber-Feminisms @ Migros Museum; Zurich 2018__Computer Grrrls @ Hartware MedienKunstVerein; Dortmund, Germany 2018__Altered States @ Kunstpalais; Erlangen, Germany 2018__Transitional States: Hormones at the Crossroads of Art & Science @ Project Space Plus; UK 2018__Future Love @ HeK - Haus der elektronischen Künste; Basel, Switzerland 2017__About Chthulucene and its Fellow Species @ Jeu de Paume Espace Virtuel 2017__CyberArts 2017 (Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition); Linz, Austria 2017__Xenopolitics 1: Petro-bodies and Geopolitics of Hormones @ HKW (Transmediale); Berlin