Oleksandr Sirous

Oleksandr Sirous (b. 1996, Kharkiv) is a new media artist, performer, and sound artist living and working in Kyiv, Ukraine.

April-June 2023
Sirous works with big data sets and the principles of interaction and communication in web environments and creates complex simulation environments using AI. His background in animation and comics has influenced his practice, leading to a constant search for a non-trivial approach to storytelling and composition in media works. Recently, because of his work with game engines, he has turned to video game culture, various game mechanics, and new rules of interaction, thus finding new approaches at the intersection of the already established practices in media art and video games.
The selected personal exhibitions, performances and projects comprise:
2022 installation 'Cubes 2.0. Schrödinger's Ukraine or a new construct ', France, Villa Arson.
Installation 'Noise in Beehives', Basis Frankfurt, Germany, Frankfurt. Installation 'Unstable connections ', MORPHO and ExtraCity ZOMER IN DE KLOOSTERTUIN, Belgium, Antwerp.
2021 installation 'Well travelled paths ', Dovzhenko Center, Ukraine, Kyiv. Installation 'Slavutich - Points of view ', Ukraine, Slavutich. Installation 'Noise in a Box ', VUMIRUVACH, Ukraine, Zhytomyr. 2020 performance 'Bifurkation point, Hokinz and Disneyland ', Dovzhenko Center, Ukraine, Kyiv. Performance 'Out of Body Experience ', Solidarno i sprawstwo (Poland-Ukraine).
The selected group exhibitions, performances and projects comprise:
2023 GloguAIR show, Berlin, Germany. Schafhof ArtCenter, Fragmented World | Focus > Europe IV, Schafhof, Germany; 2022 'United ', PinchukArtCentre Prize 2022, PAC, Ukraine, Kyiv. 2021 Bouquet Kyiv Stage, audiovisual performance, Ukraine, Kyiv. YUA(МУХІ) exhibition, M17 art centre, Ukraine, Kyiv. Well-worn ties exhibition, 18 Docudays UA DOCU/ СИНТЕЗ, DovzhenkoCentre, Ukraine, Kyiv. 4th block official exhibition, Yermilov Centre, Ukraine, Kharkiv. EXTERIORIZATION performance, Izolation Art Space, Kyiv.
2020 American Arts Incubator, Izolation Art Space, Kyiv.
2019 Frontier VR Art Hackathon, Kharkiv School of architecture, Ukraine, Kharkiv; 2019 - Residents of Universe, Yermilov Centre, Ukraine, Kharkiv. Knock Knock Project. Ukraine.