Jennetta Petch & Szymon Kula

Szymon Kula (Poland) and Jennetta Petch (UK) have been working together as a duo since 2018. They met in Scotland after their studies at the Glasgow School of Art and moved to France together. They were based in Lyon for two years and since 2020 they live and work in Embrun.
November 2021
They create scenographic installations of objects, often based on their own experiences of living in rural France. They create speculative fictions and rural fantasies inspired by pastoral sci fi, imagining possible futures where time portals overlap and tradition and innovation cross over into absurdity. They displace deep past materialisms into a contemporary context, re-exploring their viabilities, potential adaptations and community roles beyond the local economy. In the context of environmental breakdown they investigate the future purpose of craft practices and the potential utopias they can generate, as well as how they can aid our survival in unknown prospective ecosystems.
Selected exhibitions:
2021_Where the sun sets and Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic; 2021_You reap what they sow Les Capucins, Embrun, France; 2021_Outside / In Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia; 2020_Artishok Biennale Kai Art Centre, Tallinn, Estonia; 2020_Confins Galerie Tator, Lyon, France; 2020_Templates of excess [solo] La Factatory, Lyon, France;

2019_Prague Quadriennale Prague, Czech Republic; 2019_The Stylobate Storey Gallery, Lancaster, England; 2018_Renovictions The Floating University, Berlin, Germany; 2018_Survival Art Review Wallenberg Palace, Wrocław, Poland; 2018_Trial 3 City Gallery of Kalisz, Poland; 2018_Green border Studio PRÁM, Prague, Czech Republic; 2017_Fields of Wheat Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland; 2017_Permanent Vacation The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, Scotland; 2017_Somewhere far from the Subject Itself, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland; 2017_Composite Oxford House, Glasgow, Scotland; 2017_Series 3 The Glue Factory, Glasgow, Scotland; 2016_[NON]PRESENCE Labyrint Gallery, Lublin, Poland; 2016_PAT tested, Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland; 2016_Unease UP Project Space Gallery, Berlin, Germany