A survey: (Un)limited artistic resource
The Global COVID-19 pandemic, a full-scale war on the territory of Europe, and a devastating natural disaster in Syria and Turkey – are just a few examples that significantly exacerbated the life and work insecurity of people in general and artists/ cultural workers in particular during the last years. This survey aims to give a clear overview of the labour conditions of artists and will give a critical basis for the new open-call ‘(Un)limited artistic resource’ that aims to focus on the material side of artistic production in terms of deficiency.
The conditions of artistic work can be described by the term 'precariat,' which means a newly formed class whose hallmark is a lack of job security, and continuous search for employment and funding. The notion of artistic creativity continues to be romanticised to exploit the creators' pursuit of fame and success. It leads to the tragic stories of self-exploitations, burnout and severe inequality, where only 1-3% of successful artists get more than 50% of profits. During the next 2023/24 round, AIR InSILo aims to create a space for reflection and self-reflection of an artist working in a neoliberal contemporaneity.

from the project "Economic Depressive Episode: Portfolio Performance" (2021) by Ksenia Yurkova

It invites you to answer the following questions: What is more important, the time spent to master the work or the time given to fill in the open call submissions? The ethical usage of materials or the belief in the dominant importance of artistic expression? A work for own name/ brand or work in the collective?
The survey outcome will help shape the direction of a new call and will give the artists a good reflection of their working conditions and priorities. One can participate in the survey anonymously; for this, please use any anonymised email address.