TIST - This Is So Temporary

TIST - is a non-profit curatorial and artistic project, inaugurated at the beginning of 2021 in an industrial space just outside Bologna. TIST was founded by the curator Yulia Tikhomirova and the artist Michele Liparesi, guided by the idea of a strong laboratory approach and a multidisciplinary openness. At the moment the collective consists of four members: Massimiliano Marianni and Alessandro Arnò have joined lately.
March 2022
The specific features of TIST are its fluid nature, its self-management horizontal approach and its research imprint that embraces diverse art languages - from installation to video art, from urban design to inclusive performance, from sound to social art gym.
TIST activities are targeted to challenge a range of themes that have to do with our shared contemporaneity, meaning to face social, gender, technological, political issues through emergent art.
The TIST’s method of work aims to create various forms of associations and to initiate collective projects with the participation of urban communities and social groups, which often do not have direct access to actual cultural production.
TIST is an inclusive space, where it is possible to develop and practice new or previously underestimated forms of knowledge and experiences at the intersection of contemporary art and social life.
In addition to the artist studios and the exhibition space, TIST has a common area and a garden. TIST undertakes concrete support to emerging artists through creative residencies, exhibitions, critical research and workplaces. TIST currently hosts 5 artists.
TIST is encouraged to carry on the project by the idea of creating a neighborhood dedicated to artistic research outside the city center. Far from the concepts of 'coworking' or speculative gentrification of urban space, TIST is rather interested in creating a shared and independent community for artistic production.