Varvara Sudnik

February 2024
Varvara Sudnik (b. 2001 in Belarus) is a queer artist, a diverse worker with no special qualifications or higher education, who secretly travels across countries.
In her art projects, she primarily draws from her own experiences, such as the numbness of her body in uncomfortable positions in public restrooms, the obligatory phrases she shouts while working as a cashier, or the state of being in a (semi-)(non-)legal limbo due to visa complications. The artist creates from a place of insecurity and, to some extent, a desire for retribution, showcasing her vulnerable side.

As someone living in poverty and precarity, Varvara finds it crucial to explore everyday processes in her artwork, including household chores, queer relationships, finding part-time employment, navigating bureaucratic issues, and more. In her recent works, she employs embroidery on fabrics she finds at home or in thrift stores.