open call for the Round 2023/2024
The Global COVID-19 pandemic, a full-scale war in Ukraine, and a devastating natural disaster in Syria and Turkey – are just a few examples that significantly exacerbated the life and work insecurity of people in general and artists/ cultural workers in particular during the last years. This call, the '(Un)limited artistic resource', aims to study and reflect the labour conditions of artists and cultural workers and focuses on the material side of artistic production in terms of deficiency. The characteristics of today's working conditions of the artist can be described by the term 'precarity,' which forms a new class whose hallmark is a lack of job security and continuous search for employment and funding. The notion of artistic creativity continues to be romanticised to exploit the creators' pursuit of fame and success. It leads to the tragic stories of self-exploitations, burnout and severe inequality, where only 1-3% of successful artists get more than 50% of profits. During the next 2023/24 round, AIR InSILo aims to create a space for reflection and self-reflection of an artist working in a neoliberal contemporaneity.
We are continuing not to write curatorial statements but instead shaping the directions of our thoughts using the form of a dialogue. The full version of this text is published in the InSILo Mag. The links to the reference sources are published on our Telegram channel.

We are looking for artistic and curatorial contributions:
– which have a shape and form of intervention (to any private/ public/third/ existing/ physical/ digital/ imaginary space);
– which critically reflect artistic labour;
– which demonstrate awareness about the deficiency of artistic production and are capable of demonstrating it artistically;
– which are not afraid to work with 'poor material';
– which can point to and reflect the conditions of labour of the artist and curator themselves (in general/ and in the situation of being in an art residency);
– which reflect on the speed and purpose of art labour, art production and art consumption;
– which can disenchant economics and consider ecological, social, political, a.o. dimensions as a base of artistic practice;
– which can contribute to the sustainability of an art residency (in general/ of AIR InSILo particularly) by critically dissecting its institutional positioning;

We won't demand any 'finished product' in the end. Still, we will be happy if works obtain their preliminary shapes as mock-ups, drafts, tests, and experiments and dare to intervene in the fabric of everyday life of the spaces that are not purposefully designed as art spaces. We call to do initial research about the place of AIR InSILo; the environment of the town; the cultural, social, economic and political landscape around it. We embrace ideas and projects on different stages of development in various media: media art, visual art, sound art, new media, science art, performance art, artistic research, and any possible and impossible hybrid incarnations of human and posthuman creativity, but we will be upset to see works that were conceived for other institutions under different circumstances lacking any connection to the research direction of the call.
Please note that we do not have the capacity to provide feedback on your applications.
July 27
16.00 CEST
• A proposal must match the conceptual direction of the new call. Extra consideration will be given to disarming creativity and irrestrainable experimentation.
• AIR InSILo pays big attention to the principles of inclusivity and diversity. There is no age limit, and our main focus is on late-emerging/ early mid-career artists, especially coming to the 'critical' threshold – the age of 35 when institutional support is already fading.
• Special attention will be given to:
– working mothers;
– underrepresented artists;
– artists from countries with minimum/ non-existing support for art and culture;
– LGBTQ+ representatives;
– former short-lists candidates.
• We do not accept applications from students.

Unfortunately, the residency is not equipped for wheel-chairs access and is not considered entirely safe for children under 3 y.o. But we would like to be as inclusive as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us to clarify the special conditions.

• 5-week residence (September 11 - October 16, 2023/ October 9 - November 13, 2023/ or February 12 - March 18, 2024) in AIR InSilo;
• A honorarium of 1000 Euros (regardless, individual or collective);
• Production costs up to 500 Euros (regardless, individual or collective);
• A coverage of travel costs up to 300 Euros (regardless, individual or collective);
• A coverage of transport costs up to 50 Euros (regardless, individual or collective);
• An opportunity to stay with a partner and/or 1-2 children
(travel and per diem for the guests are not covered).
• Usage of the facilities and equipment provided by the AIR InSilo;
• Featuring in the InSilo Magazine;
• PR support by the digital means of AIR InSilo.

• The deadline for the first round of the open call is July 27. The shortlist selection will be made by August 10. After the first selection, the applicants will be contacted for further clarification and will be given one week to update the application. The final selection will be made by August 20
• The shortlisted artists will receive a fee 0f 80 Euros to elaborate on their concept.
• All applicants will be notified of results no later than
August 22.
NB! Spend as much time on it as you deem reasonable.

One can choose only a single time slot. The dates are fixed and cannot be discussed. Please, make sure that you contributed to the ongoing survey before filling in the application form.
A submission proposal should be put in one PDF file (10 MB).
It should contain:
• A proposal letter with a conceptual direction and envision of a proposed open call topic. It should be submitted in two versions: a short – up to 1000 characters, and a long – up to 4000-6000 characters;
• In case you already have: a presentation of the main proposal with illustrations, drafts, sketches, links, etc.;
• BIO – up to 1000 characters;
• Portrait – b/w, vertical, 1500 px on a longer side;
• CV – 2 pages maximum;
• Portfolio of realised projects – up to 10 pages;
For IMAGES: better with artist name, artwork title, year, medium, dimensions, and additional description.
For VIDEO/AUDIO: URL links for video and time-based work. Vimeo is better for video. Soundcloud is preferred for audio + password, artist name, artwork title, year, duration, and additional description.
The working language of the residency is English.
Additionally, we communicate in German and Russian.
A solidarity fee should be paid before filling in the form.

• We do not demand the project to be accomplished or presented in the end; on the contrary – we want artists, curators and researchers to focus on the process in a calm and peaceful environment using the velocity one finds comfortable and fruitful. But we are seeking deliberate proposals and inspiring ideas.
• We do not provide networking for the sake of networking; do not aim to boost artistic careers; and are not making portfolio reviews and pitchings. But we gladly assist in connections with professionals if it is a demand of the research stage of the work.

To support the AIR InSILo emergency program, we decided to implement a solidarity fee of 7 Euros. This fee is eligible ONLY for those who live in an Industrial country (according to UN Development Program Report). All the funds will be donated to the Emergency Program of AIR InSILo. One should pay the fee before filling in the form (via PayPal). If your life circumstances do not allow you to pay it, please make a note in the field with the payment number.

The submissions are no longer accepted.

The results will be announced

by August 22, 2023

Thanks to all the participants!